Woodstock Whizzer Works Whizzer Motor Bikes
Make Your '98 & Newer Whizzer Motorbike Reliable And Fast All At The Same Time.  All Parts Are Direct Replacements And They Are For Standard Piston And Valve.
  • New Cast Iron Cylinder With Intake And exhaust Seats Casted Into The New Cylinder.
  • Intake And Exhaust Ports Are Ported.
  • New Oil Lite Brass Valve Guides Installed.
  • Cylinder Can Be Changed To Larger Valves And Polished Ports.
  • Larger Cooling Fins.
  • High Fin, High Compression Aluminum Hemi Heads.
  • High Lift Cam Shaft With Gear "Exchange"
  • Heavy Duty Springs.
  • All Bolts Are 5/16 x 18, For Head, Exhaust
Woodstock Whizzer Works

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