Woodstock Whizzer Works Whizzer Motor Bikes

  1. Disassemble Motor
  2. Check Crank Weld & Balance
  3. Modify Oiling System
  4. Clearance Cylinder
  5. Replace Valve Guides To Oil Lite Brass
  6. Grind Valves
  7. Install Inserts In All Bolt Holes (Head and Exhaust).
  8. Modify Intake & Exhaust Ports
  9. Re-jet Carburetor
  10. Replace Valve Springs With High Performance Springs
  11. Stake Valve Seats
  12. Resurface Block And Head
  13. Replace Head Gasket With High Performance 3 Layer Gasket
  14. Modify Head For Valve Clearance
  15. Reassemble Engine
  16. Run (brake In) Engine On Motor Stand
  17. Readjust Valves And Torque Head                                    ONLY $425.00
     Shipping Extra

  1. Add High Performance Head $150.00 [pic]
  2. Add camshaft $150.00 W/Exchange

Woodstock Whizzer Works

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