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Ralph's Whizzer
Our history with the Whizzer Motor Bike dates back to the 1950s...

In 1951 nine year old Ralph Westman was working three jobs to buy his first Whizzer Motor bike.  After several years he saved enough money to purchase his first Whizzer, it was green with cream pin strips.

Now Ralph had a dad that was very strict, so he couldn't tell him about his Whizzer.  Eventually dad found out and gave Ralph strict instructions not to leave the backyard with the bike; he was told that if he did the bike would be smashed!  Now Ralph being a typical 14 year old boy he occasionally snuck onto the street with his Whizzer, and as you may guess he got caught and his dad lived up to his promise and smashed the Whizzer and threw it in the trash.

His love for the Whizzer just couldn't let his bike end up in the garbage pit.  So when his dad went to work he removed it from the trash and brought it to his friends house for safe storage.

By 1960, Ralph owned three Whizzer Motorbikes and was running a small business fixing them up and selling them.  Soon Uncle Sam called Ralph to serve his country so Ralph sold his first Whizzer that was still smashed to a friend for $50.00 with the intentions when he returned from the Army he would be able to get his bike back. In 1963 when he returned home from the Army his friend didn't have the bike.

In 1996 Ralph saw an ad in the Walneck's Magazine for a Whizzer bike, that was the same year as his first Whizzer and the ad indicated it was a basket case.  So he drove to Indiana to check out the bike and when he looked at the last four digits of the serial number (3233) he realized he just found the first Whizzer that he purchased as a child; only this time he had to pay $1,800 to buy it back.

In 1998 Ralph became a dealer for Whizzer Motorbikes, specializing in high performance modifications and the manufacture of high performance parts.

Now you can take advantage of Ralph's 50 years of Whizzer experience by purchasing your new, used, modified Whizzer from Woodstock Whizzer.  Woodstock Whizzer can also modify your current Whizzer or provide you with Ralph's proven parts and techniques to modify it yourself.

Give Ralph a call today at 815-338-1838 and let him put you on the Whizzer of your dreams.

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